I’m Annette Jones

Creator of The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Programme

I’ll Help You Get Off The Emotional Roller Coaster of Separation, Property Settlement and Divorce So You Can Make Decisions Easily, Feel Empowered and Gain Clarity About Your Future

The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Book

From Confusion to Clarity. A practical guide for you to help you go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity. Make the right decisions easily. Feel empowered, confident and strong.

The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Community

A Step-by-Step Online Programme for separated women, videos, audios, course material, private Facebook Group, Support, and More

Helping You Thrive During Your Separation

Survive The Emotional Roller Coaster!

When you are facing separation is hard to know where to turn, who to trust and who you can lean on for support. You are in the right place here at the Separation Journey not only are you among women just like you who are on their own journey, but you’ll also learn how to make the right decisions for you and your family, feel empowered and gain clarity for your future.

Finding it hard to make the right decisions?

Feeling so overwhelmed you don't know where to start?

Feel like nobody understands you?

Don't have the clarity to see your future?


Separation Information

Want more information about Separation? Read all my articles here

The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Book

A step-by-step practical guide for your own personal separation journey

Separation and Divorce Coaching

Get off the emotional roller coaster with confidential 1-1 strategy sessions

Successful Separation Community

Join women just like you on their Separation Journey to a successful separation, property settlement, divorce and future

What Is  Separation and Divorce Coaching?

Separation and Divorce coaching are 1-1 strategy sessions to help you get off the emotional roller coaster so you can survive the separation journey and thrive!

Who is Separation and Divorce Coaching For?

Separation and Divorce Coaching are for separated women who need to make the right decisions for themselves and their family, feel empowered again and gain clarity about their futures.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

You feel great, then due to something you’ve learnt, heard or conversation you feel like poop!

Go from overwhelm to clarity, get off the roller coaster and learn how to take control

Survive the Separation Journey

Learn how to cope, make decisions and gain clarity through separation and divorce coaching

1-1 Strategy Sessions

Separation is an overwhelming and confusing time but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Strategy sessions help you take your life back, control your emotions, thoughts, actions and ultimately create your new life!

Separated Women

For you to cope and function you have to take care of yourself first.

I’ll show you how you can go from just surviving to thriving with easy actionable steps

From Overwhelm To Clarity

Learn how to control your emotions, thoughts and actions.

Feel empowered again and start designing your new future with certainty and clarity

About Me

I’m Annette Jones and I’m really pleased you are here.

When I’d finished my separation journey for the second time and my coaching qualifications, I set out to provide information and support for women. Separation and divorce information and support that wasn’t available at the time I separated from my husband.

My mission is to support and help women just like you through your personal separation journey by providing practical, actionable information to empower yourselves through separation, property settlement and divorce. I do this with my book From Confusion to Clarity, The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation, articles on this website, my signature program The Secrets to Surviving and Thriving Separation Programme, community, workshops, retreats and private Facebook groups.


Newly separated and I was at loose ends till I found you, now I view each day so differently, thankyou! Lynette Collins, Brisbane

Thank you for the guidance and clarity I now have thanks to your book, program and community!  Sue Jenkins, Victoria

Great advice, wonderful pointers and delightful witty wisdom. Love the Dolly Parton quote! Eleonora Baldwin, Rome, Italy

Online Coaching Resources

The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Book

A practical guide to surviving separation, property settlement and divorce. My gift to you, just pay for shipping!

The Secrets of Surviving and Thriving Separation Programme

Get support you need while you follow the step-by-step process to a successful separation. Join the community of like-minded women, just like you, on the same journey.

Successful Separation and Divorce Coaching

No need to be on this journey all by yourself. 1-1 confidential separation and divorce coaching for you. We can meet virtually or in person.

Feel Empowered. Gain Clarity. Make Decisions Easily. Find You Again.

Helping You Find Peace And Clarity

Life is a tangled mess right now, so let’s make it simple. You explain what’s going on and what you need in your life to make it through.

I’ll explain how we can work together, then we decide if we are a good fit. Easy, no-stress, confidential chat.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Join the Separation Journey Community Today!

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